I have a strong foundation in Spiritual healing, Shamanic healing arts and Angelic Reiki. I am also a Munay-Ki Earth Keeper.

I offer one-to-one healing sessions in central and East London.

What is the Munay-Ki?

The Munay-Ki are a series of nine empowerment rites based on the initiatory practices of the Q’ero shamans of Peru. Munay is a Quechua word, which translates as “love and will”, together with “ki”, from the Chinese word for energy, combine to give the meaning: energy of love.

The Rites of the Munay-Ki transform and upgrade your luminous energy field. They are energetic transmissions that heal the wounds of the past-the karmic & genetic programs and beliefs you inherited.  They re-inform your DNA, enabling you to grow a new body that ages, heals, and dies differently.

If you would like more information or to receive the Munay-Ki rites please contact me for more information.

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Healing for me is one of my greatest pleasures.


What can I expect from a session?

A one-to-one healing session last for about an hour, we will talk first about the process and decide which will be the best form of healing to use. I channel healing energy through my hands and Heart Chakra, I use crystals, sound (drum and rattle), plant resin (frankinsense, copal, palo santo) where appropriate.

The client can sit or lie down which ever is most comfortable. The client remains fully clothed throughout.  The whole session lasts about an hour.   The healing energy is channelled from my Spirit team, Guides Spirit Animals, Healing Angels, and Galactic Healers.

The scope of the session can extend to include multi-dimensional healing across generations and lifetimes.

Often I will include the use of crystals or other energetic tools such as flower remedies as appropriate for the individual client’s needs.

Who is it suitable for?

Enery Healing is suitable for everyone of any age, including pregnant women, children ,babies, animals and plants.  In fact, any living being can be treated.


How do I book a session?

Brillant question, please contact me to arrange a booking.